Restaurants Save Value Pricing (RSVP)

These fees will remain in affect until at least December 31, 2022 for those restaurants who signup with our RSVP Pricing.

We believe these are the lowest fees among almost all restaurant website service providers.

Let Us Help! Get started today with RSVP Pricing!

RSVP Pricing


  • Everything in Hosting with these Additions:
  • Online Ordering (must have wifi)
  • No Commission
  • Your Credit Card Processing *
  • Ordello Credit Card Processing **
  • We Host or Plug-In to Your Current Website
  • Offer Pickup, Curbside Pickup, your own Delivery, (if you offer delivery)
  • Flexible Menu Configuration
  • Ordello Provides Order Receipt Printer


  • Online Ordering
  • Website Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • Website Design
  • Fully Secured Website
  • Menu Entry
  • Custom Pages
  • Link to Delivery Services


  • Applies to Both Hosting and Ordering Packages
  • One Time Fee
  • Site Design
  • Menu Entry