Start Accepting Orders
on Your Website

You have an amazing restaurant! People love the experience of eating there and especially enjoy your meals. Many have a favorite meal they order over and over. You even know some or all of your customers by name! But let's face it, sometimes people are just too busy to eat in, yet they still want that favorite meal. On those busy days, Ordello is there so your customers may still order that favorite meal online!

Our system is designed specifically so you may easily put your menu online and allow your customers to purchase their favorite meals from your amazing establishment!

Ordello In 30 Seconds!

Menu Management

Create menus for specific times, dates, or both. Create menus for special events or specific days. Have one main menu, that is fine too. Create menus the way you use them.

Order Management

Instant detailed order notification with everything you need, including meals ordered, modifications, special instructions and more. Integrate with your POS.

Love Your Site!

Your entire site is built with the most up-to-date web design techniques and are mobile friendly and responsive. Your site looks great on a phone, a tablet or a computer.


Create various coupons, from BOGO to flat rate or percentage discounts. Specify sale items and featured items. Download email addresses allowing for instant marketing.

Easy to Customize

Easily change page content with our integrated content management system, configure menu settings, and more with your own web based administration panel.

Reports, More Reports

Orders, menu items sold, customers, and promotions history. Filter your report by various criteria. In depth page analytics including keywords, visits, locations.

Your Ordering Website!

Increases Sales!

Online sales is a great way to expand your business.

Increases Brand!

Your branded website is available 24 hours a day.

Is Convenient!

Your customers can quickly find out information about you.

Order Accuracy!

Online orders are more accurate than phone orders.

Get Found Easier!

Everyone searches the Internet to find business addresses.

Already On!

Your competitors are moving online or already online.

Start Getting Orders Online Now!